What are they smoking?

Post election, it almost seems unfair to poke fun at the losers dejected liberals, however the mind-altered citizens of Berkeley, California (the patchouli capital of the world) are always fair game.

In Berkeley, they are spending over 50k a year to deep freeze abandoned belongings of the local homeless intellectuals. VRWC members -- read the whole thing. I dare you not to laugh until you cry.

But wait! Cryogenically freezing trash is not the only service being offered. Oh no, no no!

Another fifty thousand dollars a year is spent to provide the homeless with free storage space. The drunk on the corner no longer has to worry about losing those moldy shoes he pulled out of the dumpster while he goes to court for public intoxication and hygienic indecency. Oh wait, I forgot – we’re talking about Berkeley where hygienic indecency is a way of life.

Simmer down – you guessed it – there’s even more….

In the Patchouli Capital they also spend $100,000 annually so that two aging hippies can clean up after what must be nothing less than Berkeley’s own stinkin’ royalty. I’m no mathematician, but I’d guess those two people are making somewhere near 40-50k a year to corral stolen shopping carts filled with clothes that haven’t been washed since the 60’s.

With all the money spent, between the 8k for the container, 61k for the property, 100k for the homeless intellectual nannies, the 50k for storage units -- a Republican in Jesusland could have started a job training service. Or at least a cheap walk-through shower. Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

What’s next in that homeless wonderland ? A turn-down service wherein a French maid will arrive at your cardboard box, turn down your bed and leave a fresh mint on your pillow?

I thought the Democrats didn’t do anything to "help" the poor.

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