Pollution via automobile

Folks, I work from home most days. On Mondays and Tuesdays I am forced to move my car for street cleaning.

There are a few choices to avoid a 40 dollar ticket:

1) You are parked on the right side of the street but have been there for more than 72 hours. The LA parking Nazi's don't like that and can ticket you. So you move the car. See #2-4.

2) Move the car to a non-parking permit spot on the correct side of the street. As if that were a remote possibility.

3) Move the car to a parking permit spot on the correct side of the street, and move it 2 hours later. Fine.

3) a: Move the car to a parking permit spot on the correct side of the street until 3 and then start up the engine and drive around trying to find a non-parking permit spot; only to find all the Minivan "not in my name" mothers have utilized while waiting for little Abraham to get out of school. Which leads to 3b.

b: Follow above and then through force of neccesity, move car to another permit parking spot for another 2 hours until above mentioned mini-van moms pick up their little brats.

4) Or like today, you do ALL of the above and then encounter assholes who are trying to park on side streets while going to the movies, restaurants or bars.

If this makes no sense whatsoever, join the club. Welcome to my life.

I am quite sure I have significantly contributed to global warming, but only through the f'ing bullshit that is the Los Angeles parking and street cleaning system.

Why don't we get all those welfare crack ho's and other social service using misfits to walk around and pick up trash from the residential streets for a fee? I've seen what the magic street cleaning machine does. Nothing.

I am off again, to move my car. Please denizens. Pray for me and Mother Earth.

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