Modo's great revelation

It's interesting to see Maureen Dowd squawking about the liberal media being a man's world. What's even more amusing is, she points out "networks don't even give lip service to looking for women and blacks for anchor jobs."

Liberals, the official purveyors of political correctness, are misogynistic and racist! She's just figured this out?

Let's think for a moment about the last man in an important role who was replaced by a woman. Who was that? Oh yes, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. And to refresh your memory -- it was the left who became outraged (outraged!) that President George W. Bush dared to put not only blacks and women in his cabinet but also Hispanics.

On the Dennis Miller show this past Tuesday, Andrew Breitbart jokingly pointed out that George W. Bush appears to be a racist -- he clearly has a problem with white men.

The left has had its last convincing shtick pulled out from under their feet. Truth be told, the liberals haven't done much at all to help minorities. Or women. And we all (save Maureen Dowd, who isn't ready to have a breakthrough on this point) know that libshits are hypocrites.

Replacing one of these male propaganda-spewing pusbags (Rather, Brokaw) with a woman (Matt Lauer, though effeminate does not count) or a minority would be one small step towards redemption. But I'm not holding my breath.

Even Brokaw is quoted as saying, "You know, honestly, what happens is career interruptus by childbirth and a couple of other things." Wow, thanks for the sex education lesson Tom. I'll go out on a limb and assume the "couple of other things" would be 1) that week each month a woman is perceived to be cranky and irrational and 2) taking care of little Timmy when he gets the sniffles.

Maureen blames all this on a backlash against feminism. "It's the season of prim "stay in the background" Laura Bush, not assertive "two for the price of one" Hillary." For once I couldn't agree more with Ms. Dowd. On two counts.

Feminism ruined dating, marriage and family for those of us in there(but that is a topic for another post).

And as I've written in the past, the scandal-ridden embarrassment known as President Bilary was largely responsible for this shift back to family values. "Family values" by the way is a forbidden phrase in the United States of Canada, where Al Gore was just re-elected for a second term.

Perhaps Ms. Dowd's red state family beat some semblance of sense into her over Thanksgiving. Next step? Getting her to admit that the major news organizations are a covert division of the DNC.

Again, I'm not holding my breath.

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