Thanks Slick Willy, you are the best!

There are a lot of re-grouping parties going on in LA this weekend. Pop a pill and curse the 51% of America that has a conscience, not to mention common sense.

I truly wish I had the gumption to go to one (undercover, of course). No scratch that – I wish I’d be able to contain my maniacal laughter as they plot to spread immorality to rid themselves of a Jesusland President who clearly loves both his wife and this country’s freedom.

They will inhale from the bong and speak longingly of the 8 years when Bill Clinton was in the oval office. You know -- the halcyon days when the President of the United States spent time on national security by conducting thorough cavity searches on a plump young intern while encouraging the growth of one free-range organic Osama bin Laden.

The site crowd will get all maudlin recalling Slick Willy’s great courage to soil a perfectly good blue dress while “not” receiving sexual favors from that woman during phone calls with foreign leaders.

To the unwashed mental midgets, Bill Clinton (like Michael Moore) has been branded a great American Patriot for telling boldfaced lies. Slick Willy gets an extra gold star for telling his lies under oath.

Wake up conservatives!! This is what America should really be about!

Philandering Presidents

Lying under oath

Demonizing god

Ignoring terrorists


Buy one, get one free abortions

Quadruple gastric bypass on McDonald’s dime

No wonder those godless liberals love the Clintons so much.

Speaking of Slick Willy, I caught a few minutes of the douchebag’s speech at the opening of his porn library. He said the Clinton library was important because it represented how public service is a noble endeavor. Noble? Not in his case.

After spending some time this evening re-reading articles about Clinton’s impeachment, I reflected on the embarrassment it caused our country as a whole. It made me wonder – how much of Clinton’s behavior led directly to President Bush’s election and reelection?

If Slick Willy's legacy doesn’t make you want to turn to the right, I don’t know what would.

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