Does condi want a cracker?

Yesterday, or the day before (who can keep track as the VRWC election celebrations rage on) I started drafting an entry about how a liberal Democrat I spoke to didn’t like Dr. Condoleezza Rice because “she’s not really black.”

Of course this was fascinating to me and not only because I adore Condoleezza Rice.

Maybe there was something I didn’t know. Does she wear blackface? Is the story about her upbringing in segregated Alabama pure fiction? Is her human appearance a facade and at night she morphs into a parrot who lives on Bush's arm?

Likewise, according to that liberal man, Colin Powell isn’t really black either. Nor any Republican of color who’s smarter than your average liberal (which excludes almost all of conservative America, regardless of color -- my cat is smarter than the average libshit).

“How about Bill Cosby,” I asked, changing gears a bit.

“Nope. Not really black either.”

See the trend?

But, Mr. Liberal set me straight. Condi isn’t black because she’s highly educated. Don’t you feel enlightened? I do too.

Tonight on Hannity and Colmes, Ann Coulter had the guts to unapologetically say what many on the right have been thinking; Liberals are racist.

In particular they seem to have problems with African American women, unless we’re talking about Betty Currie, who was also a secretary. Bill Clinton’s personal secretary.

Ann said it almost a dozen times. Liberals are racist. Liberals are racist. Liberals are racist. And each time she did -- this girl cheered.

Here’s a question that begs to be answered: to an “open minded” liberal, WHO IS truly black?

The answer is nothing less than shocking. For a liberal to be convinced of one's African American-ness, he or she must be po' and/or vote for Democrats, it's that simple.

No really, I asked the guy who thought Condi Rice wasn’t really black. Mr. Liberal took it even further as he dared to suggest Republicans do nothing for African Americans.

Call me crazy but the late Senator John Heinz (R) did a hell of a lot for a prominent self-described African American. You may have heard of her, she’s a wide-load witch who goes by the name of Teresa Heinz Kerry. It's a crying shame I didn't think to ask Mr. Liberal about THK. Blame it on the gin and tonics.

Is there any end to liberal intolerance? They’ve called 51% of America stupid. They have insulted Christians. They have expressed disdain for those who have morals and values (not to mention JOBS). They’ve stated stay at home Moms don’t have “real jobs,” and now they’ve declared a brilliant American woman a parrot, a puppet, anything but what she is; an accomplished, educated, awe-inspiring woman who happens to be black.

Who is going to vote for these liberal clowns in the next major election -- is there a group they haven’t alienated yet?

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